Happy international woman's day! 

Firstly I want to preface this post by saying that the photos you are about to see, are most probably going to scar your eyeballs and puzzle your mind. Lol just kidding but seriously, they were taken on a disposable camera that I bought for £7 in boots, and mostly snapped at ridiculous times in the morning because that's how we roll in the pom pom pals household...

I wanted to write a post today, on international women's day, not to get preachy or kick up an unwarranted fuss, but pretty much just to thank all the bad ass girls in my life now, and talk about why I think it is so important to have your female friends around you. Living in a house of 4 girls, you can mostly find us wearing no make-up, eating an amount of jelly that probably isn't healthy for you (if they're on 2 for a £1 in tesco you're not going to argue with that bargain are you?), cooking gourmet meals like our world famous chicken pie, and spending each evening on a rota to determine who's room were going to sit and 'do work' in. Whilst it does have its very occasional less than ideal moments (never a bad moment am I right?) like when Beth leaves her shoes in  the same place in the kitchen whenever she gets back from class, or when Jade gets ready to go out and leaves the bathroom looking like there has been a Q-tip and make up explosion. Or even when Charlotte believes its an acceptable adult dinner to eat potato smiley faces when shes on the verge of a work breakdown. I wouldn't change living with these three for the world. 

I think we have all heard a girl say something along the lines of 'I just get along better with boys, girls are too Bitchy' at some point in our lives? And I just want to mention here that there is absolutley nothing wrong with prefering the company of boys, or even having more guy friends than your gal pals. The majority of my childhood was spent with a group of friends that are still so important to me in so many ways, and allowed to to have not only girl besties, but boys too. I will always be thankful to the three in particular (you know who you are) who taught me how to be a little bit more adventurous but also allowed me to parent them a little in the way only a sister can (like the time Jack licked a hedgehog and nick filmed it on his phone. Not okay). These guys helped shaped me in so many ways too. So boys are important yes- But there is something so special about the friendships you form with your girls that is really hard to compare to anything else. 

(That time we decided to bake some 'healthy breakfast muffins' for the week ahead and pretty much ate them all by tuesday)

(Late night strolls with my faves)

(This photo was totally not meant to be as sarcastically seductive as it was hahaha. Beth never warns me when she takes photos and I was clearly enjoying the berries that came on top of my birthday chocolates at the spa lol)

Girl friendships are so great for so many reasons. Of course it means you always have a new wardrobe/shoe/make up/ fancy shampoo and beauty product collection, but it goes deeper than that. They are the friendships that will tell you when you're being rude and in turn make you conscious of how you treat other people. They get you and your moods especially THOSE moods (4 girls, 4 mensies. You get the idea) and know when to force you to order that dominoes and just watch that Rom-com. They are often your biggest encourager's, but also keep you humble. They laugh at your jokes even when we all know they're not funny (looking at you jade). They will occasionally do your chores when you've had a stressy week because they know a clean kitchen is the way to your heart. They leave you cute sticky notes and help you get that perfect picture even after its taken 111000002020 tries. They are always up for a good snuggle 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. The group chat's can go from 'here's 20 medival reaction memes' to 'I've put your dinner in for when you get home' in a matter of minutes. Advice givers/ make-up do-ers/ hair plaiters/ cheesy song singers/ meme senders/ cuddle buddy- you always get more than you bargained for with a good girl friend, in the best way possible.

I wanted to finish this post by listing just a few of the amazing girls that make every day I know them even better than the last. My life would suck without you (Copyright Kelly Clarkson, 2009)

To Mummy- You're the strongest woman I know, and I'm constantly in awe of how you consistently prioritise both me and Georgia in every choice you have ever made. You sacrificed a work life to raise us in the best way possible, and I like to think that whilst we are very different in some ways, your resilience, strength, humour, laugh and kindness are qualities that I hope I carry in myself. I always want to make you proud, and will always be your little first born with the chubby cheeks even now I've grown ever so slightly more into my facial features lol. You make the best cup of tea, give the best hugs, and made me love daffodils because they remind me of you. You're always there to give me the best advice about life. You're my best friend, and I hope that one day I can be as great a mum as you are. Love you to the moon and back.

To Georgia- My little sister and my favourite person. You've been my best friend ever since you were born (actually, maybe since we were about 4 and 2 because that's when I go over the fact that you were here to stay forever and started to like you properly) and continue to be my best friend today. You're strong just like mummy, and more brave than you think. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I don't think you always know how appreciated you are by so many people, not just family. Everyone who meets you, loves you. You're so beautiful on the outside and in, and I don't think you should ever stop being kind, gentle and caring because that's your strength in a world where people make it seem like a weakness. I hope you always want to go on holidays with me, where we will spend all our time tanning, taking photos and listening to our Disney channel play list. Love you more than you know.

To Nanny P- You and poppa are the most generous people I know and always go above and beyond for your family. All throughout my life, you have been the best example of a nanny; letting me come round your house whatever time or day it is. Your house will always be my second home, and your roast dinners will always be my favourite food in the entire world. I'm one of 9 grandchildren, but I have never felt undervalued, or left out. I know you love us all so much, and you continue to support all of our dreams and ambitions. I'm so thankful that you and poppa started our family all those years ago, and I don't think my life would have been half as good had I not had our big, noisy, loving family. I know I speak for us all when I say that so many of my favourite memories were made on weekends at your house, and I love you for that.

To Nanny T- The only one on this list of amazing women who won't get to read this post because I'm pretty sure there is no wifi in heaven. But even though you I haven't seen you since I was much smaller I still think of you all the time. Mostly when I see mummy laugh because she looks so much like you, and especially when it's Christmas and I think of the time you 'saw an elf' sneaking round our house on Christmas eve. Even when I was little, you were always at the end of the phone for a grown up chat when mummy and I had fallen out. You raised the best mummy in the world, through a lot of hardship of your own, and I'm thankful for that. I know you would be so proud of all of us today, and I'm excited for the day when we are all reunited in heaven and you can make us bubble and squeak the proper welsh way. (Mummy has tried, but she can't cut the bread as well as you did...)

To Kate- My not so evil stepmother. Thank you for always being there for me and Georgie ever since we were so much smaller (and cuter). You didn't have to do as much for us as you have done, and I hope you know how much we both appreciate you. I love your sense of humour and that you attach a horrible picture of a clown or scary doll on every email you send me. Even though daddy takes the credit for making our dinner, I know you secretly go out of your way to buy us all our favourite foods, and desserts (especially as you introduced us to GU puddings- best thing ever). You've taken us on some amazing holidays, trips, and days out and I couldn't imagine my life without you in it. I hope we are as good as evil step-children as you are an evil-stepmother, because I love you lots and appreciate you even more. 

To Tracy- What would a godmother be if she didn't force you to make her tea every time I go into the kitchen? Thank you for providing us all with endless entertainment mostly at your expense. Sorry that everyone mocked you for thinking that poppa's family were Aborigine, and that it turns out that we have a very small percentage in our family heritage. Thank you for always hosting parties and family events for the thousands of people we have in our family at your house, I will never stop enjoying coming over and being surrounded by all my favourite people. I think of you more as a friend than an auntie, and I hope we always stay close. 

To Tasha- Thank you for letting me be a bridesmaid on your special day. Thank you for always looking after me when I was little; as the eldest of 9 cousins, it was so nice to have an unofficial older sister/cousin who taught me about not getting detentions and boys. You're so wise (wisdomus lol) beautiful and funny, and I love that we will always be close.

To Tess- The Tess to my Jess. My god sister and all round favourite Tess. I am so glad our mummies met all those years ago and decided to be friends, because without that I would never have experienced the endless fun we had at your house, pulling pranks of Sam and your Au pair's, running around your garden making dive boards from your trampoline into your swimming pool. You're growing up into such a beautiful, brave, charismatic woman and I love that you're my family. 

To my cousins- All of you are so cute even though most of you are grown up now (Olivia please stop growing). But thank you for all letting me play eldest cousin to you. I always enjoy it the most when we are all together, and I hope that when we are older, with our own families, that our kids will have as much fun together as we have growing up. You are all growing up to be such amazing, beautiful and strong girls who know how to be independent and achieve whatever you put your minds to. I love you all!

To Natalie- My unofficial mother-in-law! Thank you for always welcoming me into your home, whatever time of the day. Sorry that it took me until I was 18 to properly start talking to you and Jonathan (lol) but I'm sure I will make up for it in the years to come. You are so unbelievably thoughtful, kind, generous and encouraging, You've been there to give advice in one way or another to not only me, but my mum and sister too. I think you have one of the kindest, most faithful hearts that I have seen in a person and I know that family has always been the most important thing to you. Thank you for raising the most incredible man I know, he is so kind, encouraging, thoughtful and I know a lot of that is down to you and Jonathan for raising him in such a special way. Both him and Joe, are such a testament to you as a mother. I love your beautiful family so much, and I can't wait for all the fun memories we will make over forever. 

To Angel- You absolute boss lady. Always astounded by your level-headedness, strength and humility in life, but especially your passion for pulling off the most incredible events where so many people have the time of their lives. You're so beautiful and I love your frankness, and your sense of humour- never change!

To Laura- What can I say to you that I haven't already in our 16 years of friendship. You have always been my biggest supporter and encourager, and I will never stop being your friend. We have quite literally grown up together and I cherish every moment, every sleepover, every 18 inch pizza and every late night conversation we have ever had. You are an incredible person, so strong courageous and caring. You have always been there for me without questioning, and you, Mary, Stephen, Dan and Dunc will always be my second family. I love you endless amounts, and I know you're going to do amazing things in your life because you have always made the best of any situation life puts you in. Thank you for being beautiful inside and out, and i know that we will always be in each others lives. I love you so much, and I'm so proud of the person you are. 

To Beth- Bethany Read you little weirdo. I love your sense of humour (however blunt it may be) and your ability to make me laugh in almost every situation. I am thankful that fate brought us together three years ago in the same little flat, in the same little block in the same little university because If it hadn't, then I wouldn't have the amazing memories I have with you. This last year has been the best year of our friendship, living together and having endless late night chats/dance parties/pizza eating/ pick and mix choosing/ Tesco trips together and our Monday salad's. You are pretty much my wife, and I don't know what I would do without you. You are so strong, clever and beautiful. You always put the people you love first, and I know how much you care about the people in your life. I could happily spend every day ever with you, because we always have so much fun. You give the best advice, help me to stay focused when i get distracted (in life, but mostly in the supermarket) and you're just my fave. love you more than you know.

To Jade- To my little maggot, I am so thankful to know you. I think you know how much laughter and fun you bring to not only me and beth but everyone you meet. There's a reason everyone loves you! You give the best little cuddles even though you just wriggle your way into any situation. You're so clever, more so than you give yourself credit for. I love your heart for animal welfare and our planet- even though we mock you about it, the world needs more people like you. You are so beautiful, smart, kind. I know I can come to you for advice and you always make me feel better about a situation. You are never bitchy, always smiling, and have the most infectious happiness. Thank you for never pretending to be something that you're not, you're an open book in the best possible way, and that's what we all love about you. I'm so grateful that I met you, and I know we haven't made even half of the memories together yet that we will do in the rest of our lives. Love you so much Patricia.

To Charlotte- I love that you are so hardworking. You have such a strong mind, always striving to achieve so much in everything you do and I really admire that. I know this year we haven't seen each other as much because of your busy social life (at the library lol) But i hope you know that I am always championing you even when you don't see me. You are so very kind, gentle and thoughtful not just with me, but all of us. You're the one in our little family of four who helps to keep us rational, focused and make sure we pull off adulting well- even if sometimes you can't find it in you to adult yourself. Never stop eating potato smiley faces and ready meals from M&S- it means you have more time to do amazing things. You're an amazing dancer, great encourager and beautiful person inside and out, and i love you lots.

To Gemma- Bosstoe/ wifey/ second half of the MC dream team. Thank you for always pushing me outside my comfort zone, but in the best way. You were one of the first people I met when I transitioned from my small little home environment to the big London city- and your kindness, encouragement and strength is something that I admire in you. You have such faith in every situation, and you give me the best advice sometimes without even knowing it. You are so unbelievably kind, funny and beautiful, and I'm so glad that our paths crossed. I hope you never stop lifting people up. Your heart for the youth, and your friends is incredible. You are an amazing leader, role-model and friend, and i couldn't do life without you. Thank you for indulging me in Disney, cupcakes and princesses. Thanks for making me packed lunches and keeping me sane when we run on 5 hours sleep over conference week. We really are the dream team, and I love you lots.

To Marina- Thank you for inspiring me every day in your ability to take every oppurtunity and every adventure you can. You're bravery amazes me, and your heart for people in your journey, whetever their path in life is amazing. You are so very creative and your beautfiul buisness is going to flourish and grow so much more than it already is. You're so beautiful inside and out, and I'm so glad we got to share so many memories together. As soon as we met we clicked and I felt like I had known you forever beacuse you're just one of those people. Never stop dreaming and wandering- you're going to travel to so many places and have so many more adventures. Love you. 

To Emma- You are another one who's been so consistent in my life throughout the years, if so initially by chance lol (11 years of education together!) but now so through choice. I think you're such a strong person, with such a drive for the people you care about. I admire your hard work and your ability to always go above and beyond. You are so creative and talented in that aspect, and I hope you don't lose sight of that because you really are so great. I think you're so beautiful, cooler than i will ever be, and so very trendy. You are my style inspiration! Thanks for being level-headed, calm, smart and funny. Don't change.

To Phoebe- Phoebe you beautiful soul. You're one of the first people at uni that I just clicked with, and although we don't see each other every 5 minutes or even every class anymore, I hope you know how unbelievably proud I am of you and all that you do for the girls not just at Roho, but as far as you can reach. Your passion behind your amazing charity work for such a great cause inspires me, and I hope you never lose sight of what it means to be a strong, independent, kind and gentle female. You really are a queen, and I truly believe that you are going to touch the hearts of so many women with whatever you choose to do. You already have impacted so many. Coppafeel are lucky to have such an smart, savvy ambassador with a overwhelming integrity and of course, amazing shoes.

To Court- I don't see you lots anymore, but you are one of my longest friends. I love your infectious laugh and your big personality. You really are such a ray of sunshine in my life, and I can't wait to celebrate your dream wedding with you soon. I love you lots. 

To Nataly & Holly- Thank you for inspiring me to start this blog. You are both so amazing, and your creativity inspires me. You both have such a deep faith that has the ability to impact so many in whatever you both choose to do. I love that we were brought together, and even though it hasn't been long, I feel like you girls are just what my soul needed. I hope we can continue to do parts of this journey together, and that we can always stay creative and passionate about what we love. I love you girls. 

To Emily- We don't see each other as much now, but I know I can always come to you for advice, I am so excited to share the next step in your life with you! You are so beautiful inside and out, and I cherish the memories we have made together (when in doubt, black it out) I love you and your ability to encourage every female you meet so much. You are so great, and an amazing role model.

To Soph- thank you for introducing me to the magic of eating raw cookie dough. I treasure the endless sofa and blanket chat's we have shared together over the years. You were an integral part of our lounge and home situation for so many years, and whilst we don't do that now, we always pick up where we left off. Proud of all you are doing and excited to see what the future holds for you. You're strong and fearless and not scared to speak your mind. Never lose that. 

To Tish- Tish, you're a fiery little ray of sunshine and I hope you never lose that. You are one of my biggest encourager's, and it's not just with me, but with so many people you interact with. You are so funny and full of life. I really appreciate you, and our journey's home where you use that time to encourage me, get vulnerable, share and inspire me. You really are such an amazing girl, and I hope that we continue to grow together. You can d whatever you put your mind to, and big things are on your path.

To Gina- You are so unbelievably strong, and I wanted to say that you inspire me to have the same strength every day. We have stayed friends since the first week of term, and I love the person that you are. You are beautiful and funny, and like I said- so very strong. You inspire me!

To Aimee- Again, I haven't known you for ages but I want you to know that I think you're so great. You are so funny and you have the most contagious laugh. You are so strong, and I am in awe of how you hold yourself so well, and take every opportunity you can in the beautiful life you are creating for yourself. I am so excited for your little one- she will be so lucky to have such a strong, beautiful, and joyful mum.

To Heena- Never stop being you! In that first moment in that Shakespeare 'leminar' when you very loudly proclaimed that you weren't a fan of Shakespeare, and didn't know anyone else so 'we should be friends', I got such an insight into the funny, clever and witty person you are. We don't see each other all the time, but when we do you never fail to make me laugh. You are so great, and I hope you never lose your humour, your ability to encourage and make anyone laugh.

To Helen- Thank you for being my lifesaver on a Monday morning. You are so beautiful, funny and strong, You know what you want and you're not afraid to go for it. I really admire that about you. Sorry that you got an £800 library fine (still laughing) and that you can never make it to the 9am on a Thursday, But i still love you and I am grateful that we met last year. Bring on graduation babe! 

To Bella (My dog haha)-  I added you into this post even though you won't ever read it because you can't read because you're a dog but you're still a woman so I won't deny you your right to be appreciated. Love you pup you badass girlboss. 

There are so many more girls that make every day and I have already been writing this post for way longer than I should have. If you have spoken to me at least once in my life, then you should know that you have impacted me in one way or another (and most probably in a good way) Sorry for all the sap- but I wanted to share the love today okay! You're allowed to be cringe at least once and today was a good day to do it. I hope that you all make sure that you tell the people in your life that you appreciate them. Sometimes we forget, and that's okay, but its good to be reminded every once in a while.

Girl power and that!


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