Last week I was in Paris for the day (can you tell that this whole visiting-another-country-and-back-in-24-hours is a running theme in my life?) and being a massive foodie, we had a look at some of the places we wanted to check out whilst we were there. Because we were only there for one day, we wanted to make sure that we maximised our trip, and didn't waste time trying to decide somewhere to eat or drink whilst we were there (I would definitely advise this if you're planning on being a speedy traveller on your next trip) and so we stumbled upon the cutest place ever for brunch- Season Cafe! 

The decor of this place is amazing firstly. Its very minimalist with a kind of stripped down atmosphere. The staff were really friendly and most of them speak English for us losers who haven't learnt french enough to be able to communicate efficiently with the locals. Aka me.You might be wondering why I am including a picture of the tap water they serve to each table without request? Its just because they look cute in those little glass pitchers and was a nice touch to the meal okay.

When we initially saw the reviews online, I was sold when I saw the pictures of the pancakes and the pink cups because that combo is just something else. Speaking of something else, the menu! It's incredible. I will link their site here just in case you are planning a trip to Paris soon, or are just feeling hungry and nosey and want to look at some good food. We had the maple bacon pancakes with orange blossom cream and pecan nuts. I mean, I had no idea what orange blossom cream was, and I'm still not all that sure, but it was delicious. I would definitely recommend! 

They also do a lot of veggie and savoury options as well if you fancy something different. The price point was pretty good, and you're looking at around £14 for breakfast and a drink. Speaking of drinks, Beth had this green matcha latte and it was yummy. If you like warm drinks with a questionable colour- try this.

If you're around the Marais area of Paris, you should definitely check this little place out, I promise you won't regret it. I mean, who would regret those pancakes? Actually probably me when I'm doing that extra work out next week but still- amazing.

Jess x

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