So this has definitely been, as you can probably gather from the title, one of (if not THE) best summer of my life. Lol that sounds dramatic but it really has been so wonderful. Not just for the obvious reasons, but everyday really had something in it that felt special. It was my first one spent living in the city, the first summer I remember that has been HOT, like properly hot, not just the classic British 'It's 19 degrees let's all sunbathe' kind of hot...


Finally, the day had come, we were off to Disneyland Paris! We all set our alarms bright and early, and if you saw Nataly's Instagram story, you would know how gently and softly she woke some of us up... Just kidding, there was a lot of screaming, high-pitched 'IT'S DISNEY DAY' and various movie soundtracks playing like the cool, calm and collected grown-ups we are