Hello everyone! So it's still crazy to me that i'm writing this, but Monday was the best day ever and i'm still not over it because... WE'RE ENGAGED! ahhhhhhh. How exciting! My fab lil almost brother-in-law just sent over all the pics from the day and I cried again looking through them so I wanted to share the best day ever with you all and tell the story of how it all went down. And also, because I'm really forgetful and I never want to forget this day. If you like lengthy reads and lots of photo's, this one's for you...

So we set off bright and early to Bournemouth and Studlands, picnic basket packed and great Spotify playlists blaring, with only two of us in the car knowing what was about to go down that afternoon. (Sorry Angel lol) 
Bit of background, Josh and I are both slightly nerdy when it comes to the beach and Josh is annoyingly good at geography. So, if you basically went to any school in the UK you probably would have studied Old Harry's Rocks in one of your geography units (promise this is actually romantic) and both of us wanted to go and see the thing we'd stared at in textbooks for however many years. 

Anyway, If you hop on the ferry from Bournemouth to Studlands and drive a little longer down through  narrow little lanes, you can visit these beautiful white cliffs on the most gorgeous secluded costal walk. A few years ago we went for a little trip there and it became a bit of a tradition - parking the car with only enough change for 20 minutes to do the 25 minute walk and having to run most of the way to the best spot, standing on the edge of the cliffs and staring at the turquoise blue water below, breathing the sea air before getting fish and chips on the way home. Whenever we went, it was just us spending time away from our busy lives together, and we always had the best day visiting good Ol' harry. 

So of course, josh being the secret romantic that he is, decided this trip to the coast was going to be extra special. 

(The face of someone about to ask someone to marry them...)

I'd just like to point out here that I am actually quite scared of heights. I don't like walking over bridges and definitely not up or down stairs with holes in between, So when Josh walked out toward the very edge of the cliff top and then beckoned me to join him, my first thought was absolutely not. I was doubting how much he actually knew about me from the 10 years of knowing each other, but something told me just to suck it up and go over there (being coxed by his brother and Angel) so I joined him, thinking he wanted to show me what each island was we could see in the distance (he does this a lot...)

But instead of pointing out where all the little specks of land on the horizon, he put his arm around me and shared some sweet words before turning to face me. At which point I had a feeling what he was about to do and went into visible shock...

Ahhh! Still gives me goosebumps. 

So after saying "Are you joking?" about 20 times, he looked all lonely there on the ground so I joined him to check one last time he was being serious. And, well, he was. So I said yes!

And then he was like "Jess, look at the ring!" and I cried because I recognised it as soon as I saw it. It was the most perfect, pear shaped diamond with the daintiest band and I knew it was the ring we had seen a year ago in the tiniest little family owned jewellers in Richmond. A year ago, I had just handed in one of my last ever uni assignments and Josh met me for a picnic by the river and a stroll through the town, when we both walked past the ring and it was the first ring he had actually said looked really pretty. So he said i should try it on and when it fit perfectly we both kind of looked at each other like, this is the ring I want to wear forever. But we left the shop and I didn't think anything else of it other that now I knew i liked pear shaped diamonds lol. So when I saw that ring sat in the little box, I was so confused at how he had it because we had been back to Richmond since and the ring wasn't there so I assumed it had been sold. 

But it had been sold to him! He rang up the shop after I left him that evening and then went with his parents and bought it the next day because he knew how much we both loved it. So this little ring, with vintage diamonds from the 1920's (aka my favourite era) is now mine and I want to cry whenever I look at it and remember the story behind it. 


This picture sums up the whole experience...

The man behind the lense

Just two people who met when they were kids and clearly never got over the whole high-fiving each other after something good happens thing.

And as if things couldn't get better, a lil sausage dog (aka mine and josh's future pet) ran by us. I like to think he was congratulating us because look at that good doggo smile. 

(This just sums up the fact that 1. I will never be over this ring 2. I never stop talking and 3. Josh just indulges me bless his heart. Ha Ha i'll be talking non-stop to him forever now) 

So of course I wanted to ring everyone and tell them the news, but there was really bad signal so Josh said we were going to this place called The Pig for some drinks - we had seen it last time we were there and thought it looked so sweet - so I could call them all there. And I had promised my sister I would call her first, but I was kind of dreding the whole 'who do I call next?' thing...

But I didn't have to worry because OF COURSE he had thought of that too, and had planned all of our family to meet us there to join in the celebrations. So obviously I cried again. 

My little sister played me so well that weekend. She forced me to go with her to get my nails done (with my godmother, who was also in on it) and I thought she was just being needy but turns out, she was in on it and knew I'd want them done. Sister goals right there. I'm so glad she was there. Love you.

Josh's dad the real MVP with the champagne for celebrations.

My lovely mummy & best friend. Josh asked her for permission to take me on a date age 13 (lol) and she’s been encouraging us (and listening to manyyyy a dramatic teenager woe) ever since. Love you forever. 

My amazing nanny. 

Hey Natalie - now you get a daughter! 

My dad and step-mum, love you both so much. 

The best In-Laws anyone could ever have. 

All my siblings and siblings-in-law's! We have a fun life ahead people. 

We then headed to a restaurant right on the seafront where Josh and his family used to go growing up and had the loveliest meal with all our lovely, generous, special family in one place. My heart was so happy all day.

A literal Angel.

My daddy set the bar real high for how loving and kind and funny a man should be, and taught me the importance of loving your family with your whole heart. So Josh, no pressure. 

THIS GUY! Mini Josh / Little Grimmett. Behind the camera all day, capturing the best memories. What a legend. 

What a perfect day with the perfect, hot, sunny, golden weather to make memories in. 

And, Josh - thank you for being the perfect person for me. And always loving me in ways that are a million times better than I could have ever thought possible. You've been my best friend since I was 13, and now you're going to be my husband forever?! This day was perfect in every detail, thought out and planned even in the middle of your crazy busy life because you always make me a priority. So, let's go on a lifelong adventure together. 

Jess x