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Bloggers finding high street dupes for more luxuary items is definitely not a new thing, and has been almost everywhere when it comes to affording the new seasonal trends.

I mean, if you have the money to spend then by all means spend it (saint laurent tote, i'm looking at you). But if you're like the rest of us mere mortals who are not quite at that level of luxury yet, then these types of posts may be just what you're looking for.
This post is all about that blogger favourite: The Gucci loafer (cue angels singing...)
Or rather, its high street sister, The Office Destiny trim loafer. Not nearly as catchy, but almost definitely worth the buy. Intrigued? Read on!
When it comes to shoes and accessories, I am definitely one of those people who likes to invest, much to my housemates protests (hey guys). I think if you are willing to spend £20-£50 each month on new ones, every once in a while it is more beneficial for you to invest in some better quality, higher end items that will last you a life time. Obviously i want to state that this is by no means a necessity in life, but if you like to change your wardrobe each season, investing in key, classic pieces will be worth while!
Here are some pictures of the Gucci beauties i'm talking about. (heart eye emoji!!)

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Classic is definitely the stand out word there. Trends come and go each season, but some styles never change. The Gucci loafers are timeless and elegant, and definitely something i would one day want to invest in, but right now the £580 price tag is just not okay. (cry). So instead, earlier this summer i bought some of the Office loafers to wear. They were originally intended for work, as i wasn't sure how 'me' the style was to begin with, but 5 months later they are a firm favourite in my shoedrobe and i'm so glad i bought them.
They retail for £68, but students can get 10% off all year round, which makes them even better. Again, they are slightly more expensive then your average high street shoe, but as they are real leather and super good quality, the price tag is a little more justified. They have worn really well, and didn't need to be broken in which is good because that is one of the worst things about shoes. Ever. Ive worn them for 9/10 hours of the day with no pain or rubbing, but i will say that i bought them in a size up from my usual size, as they are quite narrow fitting.
The gold buckle is really sturdy and won't be coming off, and the silhouette of the actual shoe is very long and classic with a slightly rounded toe, just like the Gucci ones. I really like these small details because with a lot of high street dupes, its the little things that make something feel more like the luxuary versions.
The only think i will say is that the leather is very soft, and has started to crease on the toe as you can see in the photo above. It doesn't really bother me too much, but it is definitely something which differs to the gucci version as the leather is much tougher on those and would probably not wear as easily. But like i said, it doesnt really bother me too much, and if it means that the shoes are even more comfortable to walk in, then so be it!
So there you go, my gucci dupe review! Still won't stop me dreaming of the real thing though... one day <3

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