Autumn is my most favourite of all the seasons- The cooler temperature mixed with the last bright rays of sun and the jewel-coloured leaves on the ground make every part of me happy..

But like every other girl on the planet this time of year, there was one thing that my insta feed was lacking. Pumpkins! and more specifically the cutest pumkin patch ever.
So one tuesday morning, we put on our coats and hats and headed down to Crockford Bridge farm to check out their seasonal pumpkin patch. The actual grounds of the farm are really lovely, with a hugeeee road dotted with trees adorning each side as you drive up and corn growing in the distant. The patch itself was free to enter, and as we went on a tuesday morning, was almost empty apart from a few families milling about. Which meant we had full freedom to take our time looking at what the farm had to offer, and choose our own little pumkins for a display in our kitchen.
Check out some of the photo's of our day below.

Munchkins! Have you ever seen something so cute? I couldn't leave the farm without at least one of these. And there were hundreds so that was pretty good for me and i managed to restrain myself. even though i wanted them all...

Clearly loving how cute the white pumpkin's were so much so that i didnt think about the double chin... just gunna leave that there.

Here in England, the pumpkins go out of season much quicker than in the USA, so not many farms offer the 'pick-your-own' service. instead, all the pumkins were layed out on various carts and hay bales which just looked so cute and autumnal that i jsut couldnt cope and felt like a small child the entire trip. The picture you see above with all the different pumpkins together was for display purposes only, meaning they encouraged you to take photos in this area rather than take these pumpkins home. Well that is exactly what we did!

Clearly finding something about this pumpkin hilarious...

Hope this post gave you all the autumnal feels, and that it makes you want to go and buy lots of cute little pumpkins of your own! x
Coat- Topshop (similar here)
Jeans- Topshop Joni jeans
Top- Play by comme des garcon

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