Notting Hill is one of my favourite areas in London for so many reasons and especially at spring time! On a Saturday, Portabello market is full of the best (and busiest!) food stalls, live music, little knick-knacks and it just the best way to spend an afternoon. Just a preface to this post- There are a LOT of pictures of me standing around, looking awkward in front of various pink buildings and trees. Just go with it and humour me!

We started the day off by walking through Portabello Road market. And I say walking through like it was a leisurely experience but on a Saturday afternoon it was anything but that. If you're willing to fight your way through excited tourists and bustling crowds, then by all means go on the weekend. If that's not your thing, the weekdays will be your saving grace.

Anyway we soldiered on and it wasn't long before we were drawn in to the food part of the market and caved as soon as we hit the stands. They had me at 'salted caramel brownie' and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best brownie I've ever had. I ate it too quickly to take a photo so you'll just have to take my word for it.

There are loads of cute side streets in Notting Hill with plenty of places known for their great food and even cuter interiors (Or exteriors!). Biscuiteers is one of the cutest little biscuit shops for iced biscuits of every single kind you can imagine. I'm not kidding, check out their website for some of their amazing designs. Also, if someone feels like buying me some of their Beatrix potter biscuits, I totally wouldn't mind!

Okay so If you haven't heard of the film Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and my absolute girl crush Julia Roberts in then just skip past this part because you wont understand the significance here. The bookshop! The famous quote. She's just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. This film just brings back memories of watching it with my two best friends, a whole load of popcorn (and maybe some happy tears) and so of course  as soon as I took this picture I sent it straight to them. Obsessed. Just like everyone else queueing to take a picture with this iconic book store. I had to do the old crop to create the illusion that there was no one there. Everyone loves a cheesy 90's Rom-Com.

I was hanging out with my beaut friend Nataly (who is an amazing photographer and snapped all the pics of me! Check out her website here if you're looking for a wedding or portrait photographer. She also has a blog too) because she knows all the cutest little houses in Notting Hill, especially the dreamy pastel coloured ones. She has a thing for pink buildings so I felt like I was getting an exclusive insight into all things pink in London. This house below was my favourite one by far and I think I've decided that I can only be happy living in a pink house now. Josh will warm to the idea don't worry...
Next onto the fancy houses. Big pillar, giant door numbers, chequered tiling, pastel colours. What more could you ask for? 

These beautiful blossom trees were everywhere! I couldn't get enough. They never last long enough though and they always disappear so quickly after they blossom. I Just love spring flowers.

How gorge is she? 

Thanks to the random passers by for snapping this picture of the two of us! 

There's a round up of my day in Notting Hill. If you like pink, biscuits, Hugh Grant and amazing brownies, this place is for you.


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