Is it just me, or do you find it so much easier to work when your desk is tidy?

... just me?
Maybe it's beacuse when i finally sit down to be productive i find a million other things that i want to sort out before i get started, so having a tidy desk and a tidy room (although the latter happens less often) means that i don't get distracted as easily, and it just makes a better working environment. I have just recently moved house, and my new room is a DREAM compared to my old one, so I am making it my mission to keep it looking cute.
Here are a couple of pictures of my work space and surrounding area for you to have a peek at.

I love having loads of pictures surrounding my desk when i'm working, to remind me that there is life outside of the essay im currently downing in. lol. Just kidding, but it does help to see fun memories from the years surrounding my workspace, and it makes me happy looking at them. I have a mix of polaroid, photo booth and disposable camera pictures up, but my favourite pics are the ones from my fujifilm instax wide camera. This camera is a dreammmm.

These mini cacti- how cute are these? they were £2.50 each from Next homee. They are not listed on the website for obvious reasons, but they had lots in the one near my house. My watch is the  the Tailor multifunction stainless steel watch from  FOSSIL and i love it. The face is a petrol-coloured marble (you know when you see petrol on the floor and its all kind of multi-coloured in a cool reflective kind of way...no? hahah oh..). My 'J' lamp is from primark and was a bargain at £9. im not sure if they still have them but there are plenty around on the high street this time of year.

This plant is from tesco, and came in the white pot for £4. I love the simple design of the white ceramic, and again, i haven't killed it yet so i think the plant might be magical. Its the only explanation. The gold wire basket is from H&m home and was inexpensive at around £7.99.

My laptop supporting the coppafeel charity. Check your boobies people.

My entire life in one little book. I picked up this marble diary from TK Maxx in the summer, and it is perfect for what I need it for. I think it is from a brand called Eccolo, so you can check out their website for similar products. Although it says 2017 on it, it actually started from june 2016 and runs straight through to next year. Also, it's marble, and we all know from my last blogpost that i love me some marble.

And finishing off with my favourite card on my wall. I mean, what says i love you better than kanye west's face. 

My other marble notebook (obsessed) is from Ohh deer, one of my absolute favourite stationary brands!

And there you have it- everything on my desk and in my workspace! Now to actually finish that essay I have been putting off doing in order to write this post.

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