Sooo, I am officially obsessed with boots.

Especially ankle boots! I literally wear them with pretty much every outfit, in every season, so when i stumbled upon these absolute beauties I was so excited to share my find.
I originially found these boots on ASOS, but they were out of stock and i wanted to cry a bit. BUT i was already obsessed, so i went online to Miss selfridge and lo and behold i found them in my size! As soon as the box arrived i couldn't stop looking at them, they are just so so pretty. I kind of didn't want to wear them so they don't get ruined. But at the same time, i couldn't wait to wear them so i wore them the next day lol.
Sidenote: Miss selfridge isnt somewhere i usually shop at, but after finding these boots, i had a look at some other pieces and they have some really great things for this season. Anyway back to the boots!
These boots were harder to photograph in focus than i initially thought it would be. 
I was so exctied to get these in the post, and when they came they didnt dissapoint. The velvet of the actual boot is really soft, and the studs are really beautiful and a bright silver in colour.  I'm not sure how great they would be in the rain though because they are velvet, and i'm also not sure how secure the studs are as i haven't worn them loads, but they seem pretty secure at the minute! So we will see how it goes.
The heel of the boot isn't too high, which i like as i'm 5"9 so I don't like a lot of extra height for everyday wear! I wore these all day for about 10 hours, and did a lot of walking around london but they didn't pinch, or rub like other boots have on the first wear. Which is always an added bonus. Who even has the time/patience/pain threshold to break in new shoes? it always baffles me.
I think these boots look really nice with some distressed denim, like i've styled it with above, but they are so versatile you could really dress them up or down. I think these boots would look so great with skinny jeans and a shirt, or even a dress with some short socks. I might do another blog post soon on ways to style them.
I am so obsessed with these boots, even just looking at them makes me happy. They really are a stand out piece, which may not appeal to some people, but if you're looking for a pair of boots that are a little bit more special, and would work well to transition outfits from day to night, as well as casual to going out shoes, then i think you will love these!

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