Just wanted to write a quick post on a few things i have been loving lately for that transition into autumn/winter so that you can get a sneak peak into some of my fave things these last few months...

Watch- Fossil
I mentioned this stainless steel watch in this blogpost, but i have really been giving it extra love this month. I think when it comes to winter, i gravitate towards silver jewellery and accessories for day to day wear, and then warmer tones for special occasions and evening wear. But this watch just goes with everything!
Bralette- Calvin Klein
When it comes to winter, layering is key for me. I have these calvin klein bralettes in pretty much every colour because they are just SO easy and comfortable to wear under lots of layers, without feeling like you're being sqeezed in too tight from your bra straps. We've all been there. I'm going to do a post soon on how to style them under clothes so keep your eyes peeled!
Lipstick- MAC 'yash'
Whilst I am not usually a massive fan of MAC, i have to say i do really like this matte lipstick in the shade 'yash' for everyday wear. Its a kind of you-lips-but-better shade (even though i hate that phrase) and just adds a bit of subtle colour without it being too obvious.
Bracelet- Topshop
I was sent this cute little spinner bracelet last year, and i have been loving layering it with my other bangles.
Charm bracelet- Pandora
I love my pandora charm bangle and wear it every day without fail. I like it both with and without charms on it, but at the moment i've got this cute little princess carriage on it because It makes me feel like cinderella and who doesn't want that?!
Marble notebook- Eccolo
Again, i talked about this in my last post so you can read all about it there!
Belt- Boohoo
This belt is a LIFESAVER both practically (because it is that time again where all the jeans in my wardrobe have clubbed together and decided to start sagging...) and also for those outfits where you need a little but of something was so inexpensive, and has been saving those boring jeans and t-shirt combinations ever since.
Perfume bubble bath- Chanel
I love to take a nice warm bubble bath all year round, but winter especially. This chanel no.5 bubble bath is one of those luxuary items that just make you feel so pampered and cosy when you've used it. Definitely not a staple, but a special festive treat nonetheless!

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