I have a love hate relationship with winter. My birthday is in winter so obviously that's great (Feb 8th in case anyone wants to know) and i LOVE wearing coats and boots. Especially when it gives me an excuse to wear
monochrome all day every day. My fave coat at the minute is this one from Topshop that i got last year. I got it in a couple of sizes bigger so that it's a bit oversized and more snuggly and it's the warmest coat i own.

I wrote about these boots here when i first got them and as you may be able to tell if you look super close in the other pictures, some of the studs are coming off. WHY do you look so good but are so impractical? i should have known. But they still make me feel fancy when i wear them so i will have to just deal with the gaps until i can find some studs to stick on to them. life.

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