So I'm back! After a couple months break to finish up my degree (finally, it's completed and I've graduated!) and taking some time out of the internet to adventure to Thailand, i'm back with a really exciting post featuring some of my favourite things: Sun, London and trainers!

So in the UK we have been experiencing something very very rare recently... sun and weather over 20 degrees celsius! The country has gone crazy with BBQ's, paddling pools and strawberries and cream (hello wimbledon) selling out all over the place, and it's been nice to venture out without 10 layers of clothing and an umbrella in your bag. Although those July showers are still a very real thing here too. So with all that being said, of course on the day we arrange our girls day with my amazing friends Nataly & Holly (who both have beautiful blogs you should definitely check out!) it rains, so I put on this snuggly jumper, for the sun to come out and the temperature to start rising as soon as I step off the tube. Typical. 

Anyway, as the title of this post would suggest, It's all about a brand that I have followed for a while, but only recently have they come into my wardrobe as a fashion staple. A few weeks ago, Gola got in touch to ask if I wanted to be a part of their Which Gola Are You?  campaign, something that is all about finding your own personal style. Of course being a lover of the brand and a good pair of trainers, I was more than happy to be a part of it.

Gola is a brand that balance classic silhouettes with modern finishes so very well, and it was impossible to choose a style to wear because I loved SO many. After a lot of deliberating, I chose the classic Women's Harrier pair in the white/beige combo and i'm so glad I did because they are just the perfect summer shoe.

Now I have a LOT of shoes, and with most of them being trainers (trusty vans and converse will forever have my heart) I am very picky with which shoes I choose to add to my collection these days. Partly because I have done the whole 'let buy cute coloured trainers and only wear them once thing' but mostly because my wardrobe screams at me everytime I sneak a new pair of shoes in the ever-growing pile. But ever since these beauties arrived at my door, I have been wearing them non stop. The shape is very similar to a pair of Adidas Spezial's I had a while ago and regrettably sold to make room for more shoes (lol) but I actually prefer the sleekness of the Gola's. And how comfortable they are! honestly, I have taken them through the streets of London, and the fields of Surrey and they are yet to give me blisters so i'm calling that a win.

I can't promise you how long I can keep them white for, but as they're my new fave pair I own i'm going to try my hardest! Liv from 'What Olivia Did' featured this dreamy pair in her collaboration, and I definitely have my eye on these ones next...

The finish of the Harrier is the softest leather and suede you'll ever wear, and I think this is part of the reason I love them so much. I have worn my fair share of shoes that are just not comfortable because no pain no gain right? But comfort definitely wins in my books these days. They really bring a retro feel to any outfit, but they're not too bulky that you couldn't pair them with a cute tea dress or a skirt. I currently have a little re polka dot Topshop number in my wardrobe that may just have to make these shoes acquaintance very soon.

So thank you to Gola for making my summer outfits so easy. If you get the shoes right, everything is uphill from there! ;)

Also, if you're wondering, my jeans are Topshop, and my jumper is Bershka (I can't find it online but it was definitely on sale!).

Jess x

This post is kindly sponsored by Gola, but the love of my new trainers is brought to you all on my own. 

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