This past week, myself and my two gorge friends Nataly and Holly checked out Chicama, a super sweet Peruvian tapas & Seafood restaurant not far from Sloane Square Tube station.

Now i'm not the biggest lover of seafood but their sweet Plantains with Feta and Olives were delicious, and if you do like seafood then the table next to us ordered a soft crab brioche roll with sweet potato and even I was a little tempted by the smell.

The venue itself is the perfect spot to sit outside and chat with friends. Which is what we did, for three whole hours in the British sunshine. Bliss. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is really relaxed and everyone who served us was so attentive and more than happy for us to sit there chatting and laughing for most of the afternoon, topping up our drinks as we went about our lunch. I couldn't fault them and it makes an afternoon so much nicer when people our kind.

Cutest floor award goes to...

After we had eaten, we took a stroll around Chelsea and had major house/life/dog envy the whole time. Just kidding but its always nice to be a bit nosey and have a peek at the lush life. We found some cute pastel houses, because Nataly seems to have a radar for anything cute and pink, and we even managed to snap a photo of the three of us (thanks to the parked car outside the house that was the perfect height to get us all in shot. oops.) All these photos were also taken by Nataly, and she is so very talented.

If I lighten my hair slightly I definitely think we could all be related somehow. I love these girls and their fiery spirits and infectious laughter.  So there you go, a little insight into our day. If you're wondering, my jeans are Topshop, and my jumper is Bershka (I can't find it online but it was definitely on sale!). Thanks Chicama for making out lunch wonderful and the perfect setting for an afternoon of fun.

Jess x

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