Has anyone seen that Galaxy advert with Audrey Hepburn in, where she is driving along the french Riviera, chocolate in hand, wind in her hair? Anyone? Well anyway, that's how I felt yesterday visiting Monaco and Nice.
17 degrees, in February- so good! Josh being the dream that he is, took me to the South of France to start my birthday celebrations early (if you know me, you are aware that i will drag this event out for as long as i can, before AND after the actual day). We only went for a day (can you see a theme in our trips?) and took the earliest flight out there, but it was one of the best days ever. We flew into Nice airport, and then took a trip to Monaco where we spent a few hours wandering around in the sunshine and people watching in one of the prettiest locations i have ever been. On every corner was a cute cluster of buildings in every pastel shade, and the bluest mediteranian sea framing the entire coast. Also the dreamiest shopping promenade ever- Gucci and Saint Laurent i'm looking at you. We packed so much into our trip, but there was still much more to see so the only conclusion is to visit again. And also retire there one day, because that coastline was no joke. 

The famous Le Negresco Hotel- that pastel pink roof though.


Everywhere you look in Monaco there are palm trees, which is fine by me because they are my favourite things ever. Whenever I see them they instantly make me feel like i'm somewhere exciting and tropical, even when you're just an hour an a half plane journey from home. It's actually crazy how quickly you can get from rainy grey London, to beautiful sunny France. We do love spontaneous trips though

Josh has an obsession with boats, and if theres a boat worth looking at, you'll probably find it in Monaco where the boats are big enough to house an entire family comfortably. No joke, we even saw a couple of cars parked on one of them.

This view was from the nicest starbucks i've ever been to. Maybe it's uncultured, but who would pass up the oppurtunity for an iced peach green tea overlooking that sea!

A couple of weeks ago my besties and I watched that chick flick 'Monte Carlo' with selena Gomez and Leighton Meester in (totally reccomend if you're super lame and love selena Gomez like we do lol) and it totally made seeing this hotel even better haha. Im so cool.

Now onto Nice (super easy to get to on the train, which are double decker ones and they are way better than southwest trains. Also, no delays...) Im wearing this top from Zara and i a bit obsessed with the gucci vibes going on.

If you're in france, you have to have macaroons from Laduree, and I picked out one of their cute iconic cases as an extra special treat. I love being 21 already and i'm not even 21 yet.

ahhhhh! This part was a bit surreal. All i'm going to say is that Josh spoils me in every way possible, not just on my birthday. But this birthday present was SUCH a dream.


My highlight of the day (if i have to pick just one) would be towards the evening, when the sun was setting in the most gorgeous orange light I have seen since being in greece last year, and we were snuggled on the beach doing what we do best- eating pizza, The air was still so warm and I will never get over the smell of the sea- it was the perfect end to the perfect day. Also excuse that eyeliner swatch on my hand, we went into sephora and I can confirm that the Kat Von D tattoo liner is as smudge proof as they say..

And then back to the airport where we fell asleep and ate lots of sweets. Thanks josh for the best day ever. It was hard to top the last two birthday treats in Barcelona and Paris, but this one was almost as good as disneyland and that's saying something. Now for my actual birthday- Expect lots of pink and cake in my next post...


  1. I just found out your blog and I am loving it! What camera do you use for your photos?
    Alba x

    1. Thank you Alba- I use a canon 500D with a 50mm lense!
      Jess x

  2. cute!! love it! hope you had a fabulous time! xx

    1. Thanks Nataly! It was the best ever! xxx